The White x Dosidos

The White crossed with Dosidos is the lineage behind Wosi-Wo, also spelled Wo-si-Whoa. Wosi-Wo packs a punch, with potency that ranges from high 20s to low 30s. And in a world dominated by strains bred to smell like fruit or gas, Wosi brings it back to the days when pine was king. Likewise, although it’s a newer strain, Wosi-Wo has an old-school, eye-drooping Indica high that sends smokers into a delightfully stoned, giggly sub reality. Wosi is the perfect strain to relieve physical or emotional discomfort and cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of cereal.
Similar to Dosi D’oh, Wosi-Wo grows straight up, so it’s important to top it to create strong lateral branches. Nodes are medium spaced. We plant this strain closer together, although plants have large fat fan leaves that require lots of deleafing. It’s a little susceptible to fungi, but is an otherwise accommodating strain.