Wedding Pie

Wedding Cake x Grape Pie

Created by crossing the ultra-potent Wedding Cake with Grape Pie, Cannarado’s Wedding Pie is a cult-favorite strain that smells of fragrant sour citrus candy with hints of gas and pine. Buds have a somewhat golden color to them, and the density is perfect for packing in a bowl or rolling a joint. However, because Wedding Pie makes exquisite hash, most of our Wedding Pie flower is fresh frozen and sent to our sister brand äkta, where it’s transformed into magical solventless hash products.
One of the tallest strains we grow with highly spaced nodes. Wedding Pie is finicky to light, susceptible to fungi, but can yield well if pruned correctly and the perfect nutritional and environmental conditions are provided. Bud structure can range from larfy to dense at top depending on conditions. This strain is mostly used for hash production.