Wedding Cake

Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies

Wedding Cake was named Leafly’s 2019 Strain of the Year for good reason. What’s not to love? With flawless, shimmering lilac tipped buds, THC content that’s generally over 25%, and a potent but comfortable Hybrid-Effect high. There’s some confusion about the lineage of Wedding Cake. Some say it’s Triangle Kush crossed with Animal Mints, originally called Triangle Mints. But Wedding Cake’s taste is not what you’d expect from either name. When grown in Living Soil, Wedding Cake’s cured buds have a sweet rubbery aroma with some earthiness underneath. The smoke of Wedding Cake is light and soft as it fills the lungs, avoiding the cottonmouth associated with many of the more potent strains.
Wedding Cake is a shorter/medium sized plant with medium node spacing. We top it, but are careful not to go overboard to keep it from bushing out. Flowers have beautiful trichome coverage.