Tropsanto #5

Tropicanna Cookies x GMO

With dense, pointed purple buds adorned with vibrant orange pistils and shimmering trichomes, Tropsanto #5 is a delectable cross between Tropicanna Cookies and GMO. Tropsanto #5 has a deep and spicy aroma, with notes of marzipan, fresh garlic, and cinnamon. It has a very accessible Hybrid-Effect high that feels lucid and physically and emotionally grounding. A wonderful everyday strain or for relief of pain or depression without dulling the senses.
This is a delicate strain that needed to be coaxed into health when we got it, and we’ve noticed that it’s fairly sensitive to stressors of any kind. Tropsanto is a tall plant with medium node spacing. Bud size is consistent throughout plant and are dense and stacked with lots of pistils.