Tropicanna Banana

Tropicanna x Banana Kush

A Sativa-Effect strain bursting with the funky sweetness of juicy, overripe fruit, Tropicanna Banana is the child of Tropicanna and Banana Kush. Tropicanna Banana has a fortifying, energetic high that is perfect for daytime use, or as an evening pick-me-up. Whereas some Sativa strains pick you up and body slam you down, Tropicanna Banana has a smooth, expansive arc that starts off motivated and energized, peaks with feelings of bubbly euphoria, and then sets you down gently, feeling calm and grounded. The perfect strain for a long hike, for physical tasks like gardening, or for a social evening with friends.
Tropicanna Banana is a medium to tall plant. It’s important to top it because most of the weight is in the top kolas. Buds are hairy and stacked tight, and are surrounded by large fan leaves, which unfortunately makes it more susceptible to botrytis. This can be mitigated by thorough deleafing to increase airflow. Plants become brittle toward the end, so you have to stake each branch to keep buds from snapping off under their own weight. This strain is good for flower and hash.