Sour 91 Pie #3

Chem 91 x Grape Pie

Sour 91 Pie #3 is a cross between AJ Sour D x Chem 91 and Grape Pie. As you’d expect, this Hybrid Effect strain has massive flavor and aroma, with a knockdown sour funk laced with hints of fuel. Once the sticky light green buds are broken up, a layer of sweetness opens up. Sour 91 Pie has a powerful Hybrid Effect that is functional, uplifting, and creative. However, proceed with caution when smoking this potent strain because if you overdo it, your eyelids will droop and it may be challenging to follow conversations.
Sour 91 Pie #3 is a medium tall strain with brittle stalks and branches. Does well regardless of whether it’s topped or not, has medium node spacing, and tops are significantly bigger than the rest of the plant. The buds are generally smaller in size than other strains, but are super dense. This strain tests high in THC with darker green leaves, and light green buds with lots of orange hairs.