Russian Grapes

GG4 x God Bud

Russian Grapes is one of those magical strains that makes you marvel at the ability of cannabis to imitate just about any smell on earth—in this case, grape Kool-Aid. A cross between GG4 and God Bud, Russian grapes produces small, gooey lime-green buds nestled in wide, trichome laden leaves that require careful hand-trimming at harvest. Russian Grapes is especially tasty when vaped, but the smoke is thick and fills the palate with notes of artificial grape and incense. We love the heavy, relaxing Indica high, which is great for any activity that doesn’t require an especially focused mind.
Russian Grapes is a shorter height strain that needs to be topped to produce strong lateral branches. Be careful though, because you can overdo it which results in buds that are too small. Top buds are notably bigger than the rest of the plant, need to prune it consistently so that growth can be maximized prior to flower. The terps are amazing and buds do well for dry flower and hash. This strain takes longer to finish, but is one of Brie’s favs and has good yield potential. Lime green buds.