Gelato #33 x Zkittlez

Runtz is a daughter of Gelato #33 and Zkittlez that has an intoxicating fruit punch nose punctuated by fresh rubber and kerosine when fresh, morphing into an aroma that reminds us of a bowl of fruity pebbles just as milk is poured on top. Runtz produces a long-lasting Indica Hybrid Effect that increases the appetite and the enjoyment of physical sensations, whether they involve gentle exercise like yoga, or a hot shower followed by clean pajamas. Because Runtz is so tasty, you’ll probably wind up smoking more than you need. Berry and cereal flavors come through in the smoke, feeling clean on the tongue and inviting puff after puff. With attractive, sticky green and purple buds, Runtz is like candy for the soul.
Runtz is a fairly tall strain, that does best with a long veg time to develop an extensive root system. With widely spaced node structure and round, chunky green and purple buds, Runtz should be trellised to allow sufficient light and airflow. If pockets of growth beneath the canopy don’t get enough light or airflow, buds will be left underdeveloped and significantly more green than purple.