Sherbet x Purple Bomb

Rozay, a gorgeous pinkish purple Indica strain from Relentless Genetics has now been used to create all manner of Rozay offspring, and it’s easy to see why. The unique pinkish/reddish-purple color makes it easy to pick out Rozay in a crowd, and the relaxing, good-natured high makes for the perfect reward after a long day. A great option for people who have experienced anxiety with other cannabis strains, Rozay eases nervous tension and leaves consumers happy and content. Luckily, despite having a strong Indica body high, Rozay doesn’t feel particularly sleepy. Possessing a dark fruity taste and aroma, Rozay reminds us of red wine, with a hint of incense.
Medium to tall plant, does better when you top it, with spaced out nodes. Buds consistent in size throughout the plant, and through the leaves are fat and dark green, buds are a gorgeous magenta color that smell wonderfully sweet. This is one of Brie’s favs, and while it doesn’t seem to be that potent in THC it has a beautiful, uplifting high.