Purple Sunset #4

Purple Sticky Punch x Mandarin Sunset

Purple Sunset #4 is a cross between Purple Punch and Mandarin Sunset with a powerful Indica Effect. As visually stunning in person as the name suggests, Purple Sunset has gorgeous purplish flowers with chunky calyxes that glow with globular silver and amber trichomes. The aroma of Purple Sunset carries notes of dark berries and spice, which when smoked the taste morphs into bitter chocolate and red wine. Perfect for bedtime, the eye drooping high slows the mind and creates a feeling of heaviness in the body. The long-lasting high ensures that once you fall asleep, you’ll stay asleep.
Medium shortish strain, spaced nodes, interesting terp profile from Szkittles and Rozay. The trichome stalks are shorter and it’s a lower yielder, requiring us to plant closer together and top plants multiple times to get acceptable yields. It’s finicky and susceptible to fungi, but it has a beautiful, all-over purple color.