Oz Kush #1

Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp

A Zkittlez and OG Eddy Lepp cross by Dark Horse Genetics, O.Z. Kush brings a classic OG terpene profile with the candy sweetness of Zkittlez, resulting in dazzling light green, small, OG style buds with a powerful aroma of white gas, caramel, and peach blossoms. The resulting high is potent, cerebral, and relaxing. For experienced consumers, the O.Z. Kush can be functional and meditative, but for consumers with a lower tolerance the high can be heavily sedating. Overall, OZ Kush is a great option for those who love classic OGs and are seeking a relaxing and balancing high.
OZ Kush grows to medium height, with widely spaced node structure and small, dense, frosty flowers, characteristic of most OGs. Fortunately, OZ Kush tends to be less finicky with nutrients than other OGs, and seems to tolerate higher levels of phosphorous. Leaves are lighter green and slightly small, with wide fingers.