Motor Breath #15

Chemdawg x SFV Kush

A cross between the two legends Chemdawg and SFV Kush, Motorbreath #15 is a new take on old-school gassiness. Motorbreath #15 has a distinctive OG taste and an otherworldly Indica-Effect OG high. Bubbly, fat-headed trichomes radiate from the buds, covering the surrounding leaves and stems, but even so Motorbreath #15 needs careful hand-trimming to look her best. When properly trimmed, she shimmers ghostly green and is wreathed in ginger pistils. Motorbreath’s aroma and taste is overtly gassy, with notes of punchy citrus and earthy balsam, and the smoke is thick, earthy, and resinous. Although Motorbreath #15 has a potent and sedating high, most people find it to be pretty functional, if a little goofy and unfocused.
Motorbreath has a somewhat untamed growth structure, with long, flexible branches reminiscent of it’s SFV parentage. It needs ample trimming and trellising to optimize flower density and to get sufficient light and airflow throughout the canopy.