Member OG

Member Berry 21 x Temple Kush

Member OG is an Ethos cross between Member Berry #21 and Temple Kush, notable for its uplifting berry aroma and enjoyable Indica-Effect high. Perfect for a night with friends, Member OG is physically relaxing without being sleepy. At first, it’s easy to think you’re not that high, but then suddenly everything feels super silly and playful, and that’s when you sink into a joyful, rewarding high. The taste of Member OG retains the sweet berry flavor of its parentage, but it’s a bit skunkier, with an unexpected unripe citrus bite. Because of the outstanding terpene profile and exquisite high, you can find Member OG available as hand-trimmed flower from Hava Gardens, and as fresh solventless hash from our sister company äkta Creations.
Member OG is a medium height strain with medium node spacing. It’s not as stretchy as classic OG–more of a bush with consistent bud size, throughout the plant. If you let it go longer it will turn purple. This strain requires lots of defoliation and takes longer to finish, but has lots of trichs, and is great for both flower and solventless hash.