Mandarin Cookies #1

Ethos Cookies #12 x Mandarin Sunset

We hunted down the actual genetics behind our Mandarin Cookies cut, and although the interwebs tend to say it’s cross between the Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies and Mandarin Sunset, it is Ethos Cookies #12 crossed with Mandarin Sunset. In any case, the result is a powerful citrus Sativa-Leaning Effect that’s bursting with medicinal terpenes. Mandarin Cookies flowers have an easy to identify shape that is fatter on the bottoms, sloping up to rounded pointy tops. The buds are dense and need to be cured for somewhat longer than most strains for ideal taste and even burning. Mandarin Cookies smells strongly of ripe citrus, with soft notes of vanilla wafer and a slight gassy earthiness. As others have warned, Mandarin Cookies produces a soaring high, but if your blood sugar drops or you get dehydrated, the high drops you down hard. For this reason, it’s helpful to have some food or beverage while enjoying your Mandarin Cookies.
Mandarin Cookies is a short strain that grows straight up, so we have to top it regularly. The top kolas are dense, due to tight node spacing. This strain requires lots of defoliation and tedious pruning throughout the whole plant life cycle.