Mac & Cheese #6

Mac x Alien Cheese

A giant beast of a plant with chunky, lime-green and purple buds, Mac and Cheese #6 is a cross between Miracle Alien Cookies and Alien Cheese. Although we’ve heard other growers describe the aroma of Mac and Cheese #6 as having a cheddar cheesy funk, in Living Soil the terpene profile is much brighter, closer to sweet fresh cream blended with subtle hints of orange blossom and nutmeg. The Sativa-Effect high is undeniably Cheese—which in our opinion is arguably the most enjoyable sativa high there ever was. There’s something magical about the way the Cheese high brings us back to simple times and simple pleasures, erasing worries and inhibitions. Therefore, Mac and Cheese #6 a great choice for folks dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and OCD. But anyone will enjoy Mac and Cheese #6, and it’s the perfect strain to share with friends.
This strain is a beast, with short to medium height but extreme vigor. It’s good to top it, but too much can can overdo it. Mac and Cheese has a distinctive lime green color. Strong terps, pretty consistent bud sized with some nice-sized tops. Good yielder, resilient, resistant to bugs.