Lilac Diesel #22

Super Lemon Haze x NYC Diesel x Forbidden Fruit x Citral Glue

With a sweet, lemon cream nose with delicate floral notes, Lilac Diesel #22 is one of the favorites at Hava Gardens. An Ethos cross between Silver Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit and NYC Cherry Pie x Citral Glue, Lilac Diesel #22 has an enlightening Sativa-Effect high that’s wonderfully balanced and functional, providing an hour or two of energetic inspiration before ebbing out to restful relaxation. Lilac Diesel is equally perfect for a daytime hike, or happy hour with friends, since the high feels comfortable and social. A true crowd-pleaser, Lilac Diesel’s dazzling green and purple buds produce a clean, lung-expanding smoke or a complex, bright floral vapor if vaped at lower temps.
Lilac Diesel has sativa-looking leaves and grows like a bush. Bud size is pretty even throughout the plant, making topping and training very effective. This strain has a great terpene profile, is a little hairy with buds that start stacking noticeably earlier than other strains. However, Lilac Diesel can be more prone to fungal infections like root rot and botrytis.