Lakewood OG

Triangle Fire x Ghost OG x Florida OG #2

For those of us who love the unique high and rubbery, peanut buttery, woodsy funk of true OGs, Lakewood OG checks all the boxes. Possessing a Hybrid Effect, Lakewood OG is great to enjoy throughout the day and night. Although the high is noticeably physical and cerebral, it’s delightfully functional—enhancing all experiences, encouraging good humor, and inviting self-reflection without anxiety. Although like most OGs, Lakewood OG can be a slightly finicky plant to grow with very particular nutrient preferences, this strain is worth the extra TLC.
Lakewood OG is probably the most finicky strain we have in the garden, starting with rooting–we have to basically just clone the highest quality plant tops from our veg plants to get good success. Sensitive to everything–too much phosphorous, too much light, and it takes awhile to adjust to each potting. But when it grows well, it’s a very solid OG. We only grow it for flower, it doesn’t wash. Because it’s so finicky, we grow this in limited quantities.