Kitchen Sink #3

Sundae Driver x GMO Cookies

Kitchen Sink #3 is a cross of Sundae Driver and GMO Cookies bred by Cannarado Genetics, pheno-hunted by Dark Horse Genetics. Its Hybrid-Effect high is multifaceted, starting out creative and uplifting, then settling into an eye-drooping couchlock experience. The buds are moderately dense, with dark green leaves and chunky light olive calyxes that sparkle with trichomes. Kitchen Sink #3 needs careful hand-trimming to look her best, or her leaves will overwhelm the look of the buds. To safeguard the soft, sweet notes of vanilla bean and balsam, we allow Kitchen Sink to cure slowly in cool temperatures, resulting in clean, sweet smoke that fills the lungs and cleanses the palate.
Kitchen Sink is vigorous growing medium to tall strain with relatively tight node spacing. It needs to be trained and pruned extensively, but branches are flexible and seem to respond well to topping and pruning.