Hulkamania #17

Bruce Banner #3 x (ZkittleZ x Dosidos F2)

Hulkamania #17 from Dark Horse Genetics is a cross between Bruce Banner #3 and Monster Cookies, named for the body-slamming Indica-Effect high. Although potency is deceivingly lower than some other strains, the synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes within Hulkamania #17 induce powerful physical relaxation, making this the perfect choice for pain relief, migraines, or moments where the body needs rest to recover from illness or overexertion. Hulkamania encourages the body to be still while leaving the mind relatively alert—free to wander or to engage with others. Buds are dense and slightly bluish, with an inviting berry aroma.
Hulkamania is a wild, bushy sativa style plant with a vigorous growth pattern and a multitude of lateral branches that require vigilant trimming and training.