Gorilla Breath

Original Glue x OGKB

Gorilla Breath is a cross of GG4 (also called Original Glue) and OG Kush Breath, bred by Humboldt Seed Organization. It’s vibrant green buds are unapologetically potent, with a classic tangy, sharp aroma of freshly opened rubber gloves that cannabis connoisseurs’ live for. This Indica-Effect strain pairs a strong body high with creative, cerebral energy, so it’s great for brain-storming or dreaming about the future. Or video games. It’s perfect for when you want your body to be comfortably still but still have an active, focused mind.
Gorilla Breath is one of the taller strains we grow, and is super finicky with nutrients. It needs to be properly trimmed and topped in Veg in order to produce. It stays vibrantly green until harvest–no purps.