Gold Digger

Trophy Wife x Granddaddy Purps

From Klone Genetics Colorado, Gold Digger is a cross between Trophy Wife and Granddaddy Purps. Producing a Sativa-Effect, Gold Digger is the perfect companion for a long hike or physical activity. The high is clear-headed and sustaining, ebbing gently with time. When you crack open one of Gold Digger’s dense, slightly purple trichome laden buds, you are met with an enticing combination of fruit and gasoline. True to its name, Gold Digger is a challenge to grow, so there seems to be greater batch variation than with other strains.
Gold Digger is a shorter strain with tighter node spacing. It does best when topped in Veg, producing buds that are evenly sized throughout the plant. Buds have solid trichome production, with slight purple hue toward the end. This is a harder strain to grow, less consistent between batches, and needs to be pruned consistently.