Glueball #7

Original Glue x Snowball

One of the most giant strains we grow at Hava Gardens, Glueball #7 is a cross between GG #4 and Snowball with a soaring Sativa-Effect. Glueball produces massive silver/light green buds with delicate pistils, and thin-fingered, classically sativa leaves. The cured buds have an invigorating aroma of bright pine and fresh black pepper, with notes of sweet diesel fuel. Glueball #7 produces an intense, strongly cerebral high that affects people differently depending on their situation and tolerance, so proceed with caution if you’re not prepared to get exceptionally high.
Giant. One of the tallest strains we grow. Medium node spacing, heavy yielding. Stays light green the whole time. Buds thicken and stack like snowballs. Needs lots of support at the end to keep from falling over. Tests high in THC.