Gelato Cake

Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake

Gelato Cake is the golden child of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, with a powerful Indica-Leaning Hybrid Effect that is wonderful for a relaxing night in. The buds are resinous and shapely, with attractive orange pistils and fat, pronounced deep purple calyxes covered with dazzling trichomes. As you crack open one of these inviting buds, sweet citrus and soda mingle with an underlying earthy muskiness. Gelato Cake is a heavy-hitter, so it can be a lot to handle for those with lower tolerances. But if dosed correctly, Gelato Cake provides a joyful, sensual high that completely relaxes the mind and body. The terpenes in Gelato Cake have tremendous complexity when vaped, so we send some from each batch to our sister company äkta, who transforms our Living Soil Gelato Cake flower into world-class hash.
Gelato Cake grows similar to it’s parent Gelato 33, with a tall, deep purple profile, but with denser buds and higher trichome production. It’s also slightly easier to grow. Buds look similar to Wedding Cake in structure. Good for both flower and solventless extraction.