Gelato 33

Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC

Gelato #33 is one of several stunning phenotypes created by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It’s rare for so many phenotypes of one cross to gain popularity, but Gelato has quite a few—each different from their sisters. Gelato #33 is purple all over—with dark purple stems, leaves, and buds. Buds have luscious, fat calyxes covered in thick-headed glossy trichomes, making Gelato #33 a stunning flower to behold. Cracking open the jar, there’s sharp, tangy citrus up front, with earthy undertones that add complexity. The high has a Hybrid-Effect, providing a boost of energy that gently transitions to relaxation and in some cases, sleep.
Gelato #33 is super tall plant with quite a bit of space between nodes. Despite being a gorgeous plant to grow, it’s unfortunately super finicky to temperature changes, soil moisture, pruning–just a challenge to work with all around. Plants are a deep dark purple–even the stems. Unfortunately, this strain is so finicky we are phasing it out of rotation.