Garlic Breath

GMO x Mendo Breath

Garlic, you say? Yup, and it’s soooo good. Another winner from Thug Pug Genetics, Garlic Breath is a cross between GMO and Mendo Breath. As you might guess from the name, Garlic Breath has an unusual terpene profile that is notably sharp and pungent, reminiscent of fresh garlic with spicy, peppery notes. When ignited, the smoke is resinous and thick, coating the lungs. When vaped at lower temperatures, the intricacy of the terpenes feels lighter and more refreshing on the palate, which some connoisseurs prefer. The functional Indica-Effect provides fast relief for jittery nerves or anxiety, encouraging relaxation and positivity. Garlic Breath is accessible to people of all tolerances and is a wonderful strain to share among friends.
The key to making Garlic Breath yield is to expand the footprint of the plant by training the branches. Garlic Breath grows taller, with highly spaced nodes. Left unattended, both dominant and lateral branches grow strait up, which is why it’s so important to train branches outward. Gets beautifully purple toward the end, super trichy. Another fav.