Durban Kush

Durban Poison x Chem D x OG Kush

As a daughter of the legendary sativa Durban Poison, Durban Kush presents an earthier, stonier experience that still has all the lucid creativity and functionality of the original pure sativa mother. Although the addition of Ethos Kush genetically makes this strain a hybrid, it has a notable Sativa-Experience without being racy or ungrounded. The bud structure is somewhat fluffy, with vast quantities of tiny sparkling calyxes. Durban Kush has a bright, therapeutic nose with a candy lemon overtone and hints of kerosine, raspberry, and lilac. If you’re seeking a functional sativa high that won’t leave you crashing, this is the perfect strain to seek out.
Durban Kush is a shorter, bushy plant that does best when topped once in mid-Veg, and then pruned to encourage strong branches. It’s important to focus the growth energy by limiting the number of buds per branch, because the downfall of Durban Kush is that flowers tend to be looser and larfy if growth energy is spread too thin. Durban Kush does great with training and trellising, with strong, flexible branches. However, flowers can get extremely heavy in late flower, so make sure to stake them as needed.