Dosi D’oh

Dosidos x Ethos Kush

Dosi D’oh is a cross between Dosidos and Ethos Kush with an earthy Indica-Effect. Buds resemble the original Girl Scout Cookies, which is a grandparent of Dosi D’oh, with dense. compact buds that are entirely coated in trichomes. Cracking open one of these dense buds, the initial sweet doughy aroma is followed by pleasing savory terps that range from shoe leather to Italian seasoning. The high is soothing and positive, making Dosi D’oh a perfect, functional Indica. A strain of many talents, it’s worth noting that Dosi D’oh makes exquisite hash. Look for Dosi D’oh in our sister brand äkta’s solventless hash products.
Without diligent topping, Dosi D’oh grows like a stick with a singular kola and minimal lateral branching. Topping it multiple times during Veg to develop lateral branches is the key to getting a good yield and high quality flowers. Dosi is a medium height plant with medium node spacing. Because branches are somewhat rigid, it’s harder to train branches in flower, so it’s better to prune for structure in Veg prior to transplanting. Dosi should be planted more densely to get maximum yield per square foot. Despite needing a little more TLC, this is one of Brie’s favs.