Crescendo #11

Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies

Another legendary strain bred right here in Colorado by Ethos, Crescendo #11 is the child of Chemdawg x I95 and Mandarin Cookies. The tree-shaped buds are covered in tiny trichomes that hug the surface of each calyx. In the jar, the aroma of Crescendo #11 is sweet and earthy, but upon breaking open one of the medium-density flowers the earthiness gives way to liquid fuel. As a potent Indica-Leaning strain with a Hybrid-Effect high, Crescendo #11 starts off lucid and relaxing and builds to a powerful high that differs depending on tolerance. Those with a higher tolerance tend to feel elated and connected, whereas those with lower tolerances can feel a bit overwhelmed and overstimulated as the high approaches its grand crescendo. If sharing with friends of varying tolerances, it’s sometimes wise to advise them of the creeper high of Crescendo #11, so that those with lower tolerances can gauge their consumption appropriately.
Flowers stack similar to Mandarin Cookies, growing into dense Christmas tree shaped nugs. Crescendo #11 is a little finicky, so it’s important to stay on top of adjusting feed to plant size and make sure not to overwater. It’s also important to spread out canopy regularly and prune away some of the chunky dark green leaves to allow for adequate airflow. Crescendo #11 does well with or without topping. Careful dry hand-trimming after harvest reveals the beautiful trichs that would normally be covered by thick green leaves.