Chem Brulee

Copper Chem x Lemon Brulee

Chem Brulee is a cross between Copper Chem and Lemon Brulee, bred by Covert Genetics. This strain has a wild, jungle-like growth pattern with flowers that foxtail wildly. Notably, beginning early in flower, the trichome-laden calyxes of the buds stack into a formation our cultivation team loving refers to as “Grinch fingers.” The aroma of Chem Brulee is as unusual and striking as it’s appearance, with notes of raw sugar and gasoline on hard-packed earth. A connoisseur’s strain, Chem Brulee has an Indica-Effect high, conducive for tuning out the chatter of the day and zoning in on a project, relaxing with friends, or going to sleep.
Chem Brulee is a somewhat feral looking plant that requires careful pruning to channel growth into solid dominant branches. Buds have pronounced calyxes that foxtail no matter how perfect the environment is–they stack like “Grinch fingers” in multiple locations on each bud.