Bubba Kush

OG Kush x Northern Lights

There’s a reason Bubba Kush is still popular after enjoying two decades of fame. It’s tough to beat Bubba’s sticky, resinous buds with their nostalgic kush high and flavor. Bubba Kush is tastiest when grown in Living Soil, where the typical burnt coffee harshness is removed and notes of chocolate, caramel, balsam, and a hint of kerosine emerge. The aroma is so overpowering that it lingers in its container long after the bud has been smoked. Experienced users enjoy Bubba for deep relaxation, euphoric inspiration, and pain relief, but those with lower tolerances will often find their eyelids drooping within an hour or so of smoking.
Bubba Kush is a somewhat tall strain with thin, flexible branches that train easily. Production is strongest when the plants are topped once, but too much topping minimizes the size of the buds. If preferred, it’s possible not to top plants at all, and instead bend the top down and allow the side branches to grow upward. Bubba is an enjoyable plant to grow, with small, resinous buds that easily purple in cool evenings.