Borealis #7

Blackberry Kush x Slymer

Borealis #7 is an Indica Effect strain created by crossing Blackberry Kush with TGA’s Slymer. Not to be confused with the heritage Aurora Borealis strain, which is a cross between Northern Lights and Skunk #1, our Borealis #7 strain is dark purple with silver trichomes and wreathed in attractive bright orange pistils. The aroma of the buds is sharp citrus backed by deep earthiness, which translates to a rich, expansive smoke. Borealis #7 is excellent for sleep and relaxation, and though it’s overall potency is lower, the entourage effect creates an unsuspectingly powerful body high. After an hour or so, the appetite is stimulated, followed by a strong desire to curl up in bed.
Borealis #7 is a tall, leggy strain that’s important to top early for maximum production. Borealis #7 is a bit more sensitive to her environment, so creating a stable environment with no stress, light leaks, temperature or humidity swings is key. Leaves and buds turn a beautiful purple color, which is a great reward for all the hard work this strain requires.