Blueberry Headband

Headband x Blueberry

Blueberry Headband the product of crossing—you guessed it—Blueberry and Headband, two great heritage strains that embody the grounding energy of Blueberry with the highly physical, slightly psychedelic high of Headband. The result is an Indica-Leaning Hybrid Effect, with a substantial body high that is excellent for pain relief. It’s also a great strain for yoga and meditation, since it’s more grounding than sleep-inducing. Blueberry Headband has a sweet, creamy, and refreshingly bright aroma with a hint of citrus. The frosty buds display a characteristic Headband appearance, with numerous delicate calyxes that can break apart easily if handled roughly. Although we hand-trim all of our strains, Blueberry Headband requires meticulous hand-trimming to look her best.
Blueberry Headband is a medium height strain that is fairly easy to grow, although it is noticeably susceptible to root damage and root rot. It produces prominent, fat calyxes typical of headbands, with a naturally bush-like structure that produces a lot of tops even without topping. Leaves are typical Indica structured, with fat fingers and a dark green coloring, but buds are lighter green with a structure more typical of Sativas.