Blackberry Octane #8

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Blackberry Octane #8 is the perfect hash strain which we grow exclusively for our sister company, äkta. Although the buds are somewhat unimpressive and lack structure (which is why we don’t make the flower available), the terpene profile is a tantalizing blend of blackberry, cedar, and petrol. Because the sweetness in blackberry strains tends to collapse into bitterness when ignited, these delicate blackberry terps are best enjoyed when vaped, making äkta’s Blackberry Octane #8 hash products especially sought-after. Blackberry Octane #8 was released by Pruf Genetics but has an unverified genetic lineage, but it is rich in beta-caryophyllene, and produces an earthy, relaxing high that’s a perfect reward at the end of a long day.
Blackberry Octane is a tall, stretchier strain. The buds aren’t pretty so we don’t sell this as flower, but buds have an amazing terpene profile that is high in caryophyllene, and the trichomes are great to use in our sister brand äkta’s solventless hash products.