Bazookies #10

Bubblegum x Girl Scout Cookies

Bazookies #10 is a local favorite bred by Klone Colorado, and is a cross between Bubblegum and Girl Scout Cookies. Although Bazookies #10 is classified as a Sativa Effect, the high is clear-headed and creative, rather than soaring or racy. Although this local strain is available from a number of growers throughout the state, its true potential is realized when grown in Living Soil, where the terpene profile is strong, sweet, and candy-like, translating to a soft, billowy smoke that feels satisfyingly substantial in the lungs. The purple-tinged buds of Bazookies #10 are adorned with dazzling trichomes. Unlike some of our other strains, Bazookies #10 is exclusively available as cured flower, because the trichome stalks are too short to be effective for the ice water extraction method used by our sister company äkta to make hash.
Bozookies #10 has an easy, robust temperament, making it a joy to grow in our garden. Plants are tall, with thick branches and voluptuous indica shaped leaves. This gorgeous strain begins to turn purple toward the end, displaying dazzling trichome production. A favorite. We only sell this as flower because the trichome stalks are too short for äkta (doesn’t make good solventless hash).