Animal Mints

Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies

Animal mints is a cross between Animal Cookies and Sin Mints Cookies from Seed Junky, and has characteristic round, dense buds that are more potent than they look. Animal Mints emits a soft, clean-tasting smoke reminiscent of fuel and sweet cake, producing an easygoing high that’s both grounding and functional. We love Animal Mints’ Indica-Leaning Hybrid Effect because it’s so versatile. It’s the perfect strain to twist up and bring to a party because of how accessible it is for both experienced and inexperienced cannabis users.
Animal Mints grows tall and lanky, with longer spaced nodes and lime-green colored leaves. Producing dense, golf-ball shaped buds, Animal Mints does best when the branches are trained outward to provide enough light and airflow beneath the canopy. Tends to be a somewhat finicky strain, and is sensitive to too much phosphorous. Tops will quickly experience light burn if they get too close to the lights. We’ve been experimenting with different topping techs to mitigate height.